Blue Carbon Scientific Working Group

Formed in February 2011, the Blue Carbon Scientific Working Group provides the scientific foundation for the Blue Carbon Initiative by synthesizing current and emerging science on blue carbon and by providing a robust scientific basis for coastal carbon conservation, management and assessment. Priority research of the Scientific Working Group functions in close partnership with the Initiative’s Policy Working Group.

The Working Group meets regularly and consists of experts in coastal carbon science, carbon assessment, remote sensing and international climate change policy. The Working Group meets in blue carbon-rich countries and collaborates closely with local experts and government officials to identify or expand in-country activities supporting the conservation and restoration of blue carbon ecosystems.

The objectives of the Scientific Working Group are to

  • Describe the global relevance of coastal carbon;
  • Create internationally applicable standards for quantifying and monitoring coastal carbon;
  • Develop internationally acceptable standards for data collection, quality control and archiving;
  • Identify and support priority research on carbon dynamics in coastal ecosystems;
  • Develop coastal conservation, planning and management guidelines for coastal carbon activities; and
  • Support the development of pilot projects for carbon in coastal ecosystems.

What Are We Working On?

The Blue Carbon Scientific Working Group is developing a Field Manual for Carbon Accounting in Mangroves, Seagrasses and Tidal Salt Marshes. The Field Manual will provide managers, scientists and other practitioners in the field with standardized recommendations for carbon measurements and analysis. Additionally, the Scientific Working Group supports the creation of a Global Coastal Carbon Data Archive to standardize and allow for global access to coastal carbon data.